Hoochie Coochie Escape Rooms Florida

Hoochie Coochie Cabin fort lauderdale


The McCoy family has long been famous moonshiners,  known worldwide for their perfected secret family recipe.  Your family’s moonshine business has been rivals to the McCoys since the start of prohibition.  It has come to your attention that your family’s first moonshine bottle, holding the secret recipe, has been stolen by the McCoy’s and you want it back!  The police have been called to shut down their secret woodlands distillery and you plan on raiding their place to get it back before arrive within the hour! 


This room is full of team puzzles as well as a few surprises.  It will definitely challenge communication and organization skills to the fullest since its played in a “dark” night-time setting.  This is a more physically active room!

Difficulty: 9/10

Recommended: 7 players

Max: 10 players